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A new TribalPunk LARP set in a world on the brink of destruction.

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Set in a dying tribal nation

A new genre of costuming being created specifically for Sagas, we believe your character’s costume should tell a story through repurposed organic materials, and face or body markings that speak of your tribe, your position, and even your history.

Tribal Shaman” by Michael Richards is licensed under CC BY 3.0

What is Sagas LARP?

Symbol-Element-Fire-smallSagas is a new theatrical sport live action roleplaying game, or LARP, wherein participants (called cast) tell an ongoing story through their portrayal of a tribal people.  As a cast member, your character will be thrust into a fully-immersive world where spirits, elementals, shamans, and other tribes present a threat to existence itself. Over the course of 38 hours a weekend, you will join other fully-costumed cast members in creating stories, or sagas, through your direct participation as your character and their tribe try to overcome the odds of the world around them.

Where is Sagas?

Symbol-Element-Void-smallSagas has completed its first round of playtest and continues in development behind the scenes.  We are now seeking land in the Sussex County, NJ / Orange County, NY area where we hope to make our home.

Have land in this area or know of someone who does who is interested in hosting a LARP?  Contact us!

Who plays Sagas?

Symbol-Element-Water-smallSagas may call out to:

  • SCAdian fighters who enjoy powerful target-based combat without the worry of number crunching in-field
  • Actors/roleplayers who value advancing the story through small and great moments of total immersion roleplay, from the 3 AM emotional conversation between two characters on watch, to the highly-charged confrontations on a tribal level
  • Cosplayers/costumers who believe in telling a story through their wardrobe, from the seemingly minor childhood relic of their ancestors now proudly worn, to the perfection striven for in replicating their tribal customs and markings
  • Writers/RPGers whose characters are rich in detail and vibrant in development, those who seek to tell a story in their own right
  • Historians/Researchers who can marry themselves to the in-depth and highly-detailed world of Evindale whose real time creation spans over 30 years
  • Linguists who find the thrill in learning new languages and gaining fluency in the written alphabet of Sta’abri without the need to purchase “points”
  • LARPers who seek a sleek rules system whose very game mechanics are hinged on interpersonal roleplay and inspire others to enhance the story being told
  • Newcomers to LARP who want a safe environment in which to get involved with minimal study of the rules and prefer an immediate immersive experience where they can make a difference from Day One
  • Survivalists who, on occasion, can relish in the challenges of some of the optional immersive experiences Sagas can offer
  • Innovators who thrive in problem-solving as Sagas relies on the player’s ability, not mere character statistics, to overcome obstacles physical and/or mental
  • DIYers who have an appetite for transforming the common and ordinary into something visually or mechanically spectacular

Sagas dedicates itself to the imagination and full-immersion experience. If you believe in walking away from an event with a sense of wonderment and awe, that you were in a place other than the real world and those memories can provide fantastic stories of their own, Sagas wants you as a cast member. Welcome to Sagas, your alternate reality.

About Sagas

Symbol-Element-Moon-smallSagas is about telling a story, not counting numbers nor “winning”. Sagas is a new live action roleplaying game (LARP) set in a fantasy TribalPunk world undergoing horrific cataclysmic events.  In a world of mystical elements, competing tribal factions, and mastery over the mysteries of life and death, surviving the living is only half the battle. Sagas is a new type of LARP for many with its sparse rules set and concentration on an immersive story and environment.  Most every in-game effect is roleplayed and props must always be used to represent something tangible.  We view everything in the game as an opportunity to either start, further, or complete a story.  Combat should be filled with anguish-ridden cries, grunts, and groans.  Magic, with the personalized rhythmic incantations of the one conjuring it. Or perhaps something as simple as the silent story told by the smell of your campfire coupled with the exotic spices of a Malan stew.

Honor is key. Sagas participants have a sense of honor and commitment to tell that story, to allow another their time in the spotlight, and always work with each other to create a story larger than themselves even if it means taking a death blow from your character’s most hated enemy because that death would simply be cool for everyone watching.

Life is precious. Characters do not have “body points” or “health” from which damage is subtracted, and characters only have one life.  Life is cherished by the inhabitants of Evindale, but when war breaks out…

Combat is deadly and real… …to the characters.  Though Sagas uses latex or foam weapons, weapon swings are to be roleplayed to convey the heaviness of steel.  Likewise, recipients should roleplay the appropriate wound; there is a difference between a dagger stab and a crushing slam from a massive warhammer.  Combatants are encouraged to actually train in the use of their weapons with others from their camp as strategy and tactics are key to survival.

Armor is real and stackable. Light, medium, and heavy armor can be worn to absorb damage, and can be stacked to provide extra protection.  They can absorb one, two, or three blows respectively.

Magic is intense and fluid. Bending the elements to your will requires study, imagination, and memorization.  Rituals are extreme magical undertakings requiring significant practice.  One pause, one misspeak, one mistake can mean a drastic and unfortunate outcome.  Succeed and reality itself can be changed… including breathing life to the dead.


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